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Sonnmatt Luzern
Spa hotel & Residence
CH-6000 Luzern 6
Telephone +41 41 375 32 32
Fax +41 41 370 39 19
Sonnmatt Luzern

Welcome to the Sonnmatt!

Get healthy, stay healthy, age serenely

Welcome to the Sonnmatt Luzern! Relax, holiday, meet interesting people, convalesce, or reside in a spellbinding location. This feel-good destination for the older guest offers 4**** Superior hotel comfort. Rest or stimulation, excellent nursing and medical assistance if required: Sonnmatt does you a power of good.

Wide-ranging amenities for the older guest

Broad expertise, bespoke solutions. One of the strengths of the Sonnmatt Luzern is its flexibility: our guests are provided with exactly what they need and what they want.


The Sonnmatt Luzern is recommended for follow-up care after illnesses or surgical interventions. Call us for advice on financing and health insurance benefits!
Phone 041 375 32 32
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Extended-stay hospitality

Live like the author Hermann Hesse! Extended-stay hospitality is the compact solution for seniors wishing to remain independent. No obligations, a wealth of enjoyment, and medical and nursing care if required.
Phone 041 375 34 51 - Urs Niffeler
Phone 041 375 34 50 - Ruth Betschart


An apartment in the Residence offers a blend of independence, comfort and security. With prices starting at CHF 5,900 per month, many services are included, such as half-board, apartment cleaning and use of the spa.
Phone 041 375 34 51 - Urs Niffeler
Phone 041 375 34 50 - Ruth Betschart
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Long-term care

When you have limited mobility, it's particularly important that your surroundings are attractive and give you pleasure. The Sonnmatt Luzern offers professional long-term care in welcoming rooms with glorious views.
Phone 041 375 34 51 - Urs Niffeler
Phone 041 375 34 50 - Ruth Betschart
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The RehaClinic (rehabilitation clinic) leases the side wing of the Sonnmatt Luzern. It provides private and insured patients with access to first-class musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation services in a hotel setting. Read more

Regaining your health

The Sonnmatt Luzern's stunning surroundings exert a beneficial effect on patient recovery from illness or surgery. Medical care at the Sonnmatt Luzern is provided courtesy of its excellent in-house nursing and physiotherapy staff and the specialists of the nearby Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna.

Staying healthy

The combination of spa hotel and residence creates an opportunity for peace and quiet, as well as for experiencing something new. With its exalted past and vibrant present, the establishment offers relaxation and health-promoting activities.

Ageing serenely

If you've led an independent life, you'll appreciate a touch of serenity in your advancing years. The Sonnmatt Luzern is committed to helping people live as they see fit into ripe old age.