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Sonnmatt Luzern
Spa hotel & Residence
CH-6000 Luzern 6
Telephone +41 41 375 32 32
Fax +41 41 370 39 19

Being mindful of future generations

The Sonnmatt Luzern nurtures the environment and makes a positive contribution to the natural and social environment through a series of projects and initiatives.

LED lighting

Recent years have seen the Sonnmatt Luzern make the change to LED lighting: 80% of its lamps have already been converted. The result: important energy savings, less lost heat and less attraction for insects. At night, automatic light controllers for the common parts of the buildings help save even more electricity.

Gas heating and boiler

The Sonnmatt Luzern is heated by an environmentally friendly gas-powered central heating system: the heating in the main building is automatically reduced when windows are opened, which saves energy and avoids excessively dry air – something that's good for the health. The domestic hot water boiler is preheated using recovered heat from cold rooms, fridges and chilled display cases.

Ozone-based swimming pool

The pool's water is cleaned using ozone, a method that's more environmentally friendly, safer and better for the skin than chlorine. By law, pool water must be treated with chlorine, but only the prescribed minimum is added.

Chestnut grove

The Sonnmatt Luzern supports the Pro Kastanie reforestation project and planted a chestnut grove in 2008. The sweet chestnut was common in Central Switzerland until the 17th century: the nuts were valued as a source of food for the poor. Ask at the reception desk for directions to the grove, which is located in a clearing above the spa hotel.

New equipment

Every time the Sonnmatt Luzern purchases equipment, etc. we check its energy consumption and environmental impact. We opt for environmentally friendly, energy-efficient appliances, even if the price we have to pay is slightly higher. The quality of the item is also important: the longer it lasts, the better it is for the environment.


The Sonnmatt Luzern has a fat separation system and composts its kitchen waste to generate and recycle energy.