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Sonnmatt Luzern
Spa hotel & Residence
CH-6000 Luzern 6
Telephone +41 41 375 32 32
Fax +41 41 370 39 19
Nature & tranquillity

The Dietschiberg – a place of power

The Sonnmatt Luzern is nestled in glorious, tranquil countryside that's perfect for outings. The views to the south are open, while the Dietschiberg mountain shelters the rear, making for a highly agreeable microclimate. Constantly changing views of Lake Lucerne and the mountains make this a great place for strolling, cycling and Nordic walking.

Park landscape

The Sonnmatt Luzern is nestled in an extensive park landscape. The footpaths around the establishment are designed for wheelchairs and rollator walking frames with wheels, and are dotted with benches.

Herb garden

Sniffing out and learning to recognise herbs is something you can do in the Sonnmatt herb garden, where everything is labelled. Close to the hotel and easily accessible, the garden makes a nice change, especially for guests with limited mobility.

Flower meadow

Our legendary flower meadow just in front of the main entrance is a spectacle every spring: cared for by our gardener Thomas Käch, it's a delight for guests and staff alike. It's also popular with photographers.

Rose garden

Located below the terrace behind the Sonnmatt Luzern is a rose garden, which guests can enjoy while sitting in the shade of the pergola.

Chestnut grove

The sweet chestnut was common in Central Switzerland until the 17th century: the nuts were valued as a source of food for the poor. Ask at the reception desk for directions to the grove, which is located in a clearing above the spa hotel.


As a member of the Natur und Wirtschaft Foundation, the Sonnmatt Luzern is committed to safeguarding biodiversity on its land, thus keeping the bees that make the Sonnmatt honey happy.