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Sonnmatt Luzern
Spa hotel & Residence
CH-6000 Luzern 6
Telephone +41 41 375 32 32
Fax +41 41 370 39 19
Spa stays

Tranquillity, energy and inspiration

The key elements to success when it comes to a spa are air, sun and tranquillity. Taking a spa break once or twice a year does you a power of good at every level. The agreeable mild microclimate enjoyed by the Sonnmatt Luzern aids rest and recuperation.


Eight spa benefits

  • Improved sleep quality thanks to the quiet environment
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Stimulation and inspiration thanks to a varied cultural programme and attractive setting
  • Break from everyday life and enduring recuperation
  • Professionally led exercises to maintain strength, flexibility and balance
  • Personalised diets
  • Enjoyment and zest for life among like-minded people


Recreational cures at the Sonnmatt Luzern

Recreational cures are suitable as follow-up interventions after illnesses or operations if independent living at home is not yet fully possible.

Persons with private and semi-private health insurance receive a contribution for this kind of therapy from their supplemental insurance cover, which reimburses the cost. The amount of the contribution depends on the insuree's cover and is typically limited to 30 days per calendar year.

Recreational cures are not included in the compulsory benefits that health insurers must provide, which means that there is no entitlement to benefits under the compulsory health insurance.

The medical prescription stating the diagnosis, duration and name of the cure facility must be received by the insurer and us before commencement of any therapy intervention. The cure prescription is issued by the treating doctor or family doctor.

Our cure guests are accommodated in naturally lit hotel rooms at the Sonnmatt Luzern. You pay the bill at the end of your stay, in exchange for which you receive reimbursement slips for forwarding to the insurer, which will cover the cost of the room and meals, the therapies, doctor's visits and medication, as well as the services of the nursing staff (Spitex community nursing services).