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Sonnmatt Luzern
Spa hotel & Residence
CH-6000 Luzern 6
Telephone +41 41 375 32 32
Fax +41 41 370 39 19

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The Sonnmatt Luzern offers a broad spectrum of expertise designed to promote and support the healing process. This includes conventional physiotherapy, but also therapeutic gymnastics, breathing therapy, lymph drainage, ultrasound electrotherapy and so forth. The key things here are bespoke treatment and a holistic appreciation of the individual, the body and the soul. One special aspect of the Sonnmatt Luzern approach is outpatient access to hydrotherapy on a one-to-one basis.

Physiotherapy team

The Sonnmatt Luzern provides an interdisciplinary team of experts, whose therapeutic interventions are tailored to individual requirements. Mehr erfahren

What physiotherapy offers

As a discipline, physiotherapy covers a broad spectrum of interventions: an initial consultation is required to pinpoint the exact requirement. Services (PDF)

Physiotherapy prescription

You can obtain a prescription for physiotherapy from your general practitioner or the specialist treating you. This forms the basis for the therapy you receive at the Sonnmatt Luzern. If required, our own doctors are qualified to issue prescriptions. Physiotherapy prescription (PDF)